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Friday, September 21, 2012

Only Six Words

The idea goes that Hemingway once wrote a story in six words:


Six words, surprisingly, are enough to convey a potent idea, whether a story or a life.

I've found some six word stories from Not Quite What I Was Planning.  The follow-up volume is It All Changed In An Instant. These 6-word jewels may inspire you to write your own, and even just reading these may help you break through writer's block.

See what you think. Then... (here's one) Give it a try. It's fun!


After Harvard, had baby with crackhead.

70 years, few tears, hairy ears.

Watching quietly from every door frame.

Catholic school backfired. Sin is in!

Savior complex makes for many disappointments.

Nobody cared, then they did. Why?

Some cross-eyed kid, forgotten then found.

She said she was negative. Damn.

Born in the desert, still thirsty.

A sake mom, not soccer mom.

I asked. They answered. I wrote.

No future, no past. Not lost.

Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity.

Joined Army. Came out. Got booted.

Almost a victim of my family

The psychic said I'd be richer.

Grumpy old soundman needs love, too.

Mom died, Dad screwed us over.

Painful nerd kid, happy nerd adult.

It all changed in an instant.

Woman Seeks Men--High Pain Threshold.

My first concert: Zappa. Explains everything.

Aging late bloomer yearns for do-over.

Girlfriend is pregnant, my husband said.

Just in: boyfriend's gay. Merry Christmas.

 Let's just be friends, she said.

Alone at home, cat on lap.

Hope my obituary spells "debonair" correctly.

Wasn't born a redhead; fixed that.

Gave commencement address, became sex columnist.

Mormon economist marries feminist. Worlds collide.

Still lost on road less traveled.

Palindromic novels fall apart halfway through.

Cheese is the essence of life.

Wandering imagination opens doors to paradise.

Who knew drowning looked so beautiful?

Envy a beautiful mind of colours.

Who cares? I matter. You don't.

Boots too tight. Cape long forgotten.

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