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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Writer's Block

Say nana nana boo boo to writer's block. Just show up today, and write.

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  1. I would, Amy, but I am preparing for a major sketching adventure to the Lewis and Clark museum in North-West Oregon and coastal regions, tomorrow, with the family, an event we put off for a month for fairer weather.
    Only about 2 hours away, so a day trip, with the grandkids. I have been educating them on the Lewis and Clark journey about 208 years ago. My granddaughter, 10, will probably sketch with me--have been giving her drawing lessons.

    Right now the weather online says "sunny." But then the prediction changes from day to day. I don't mind overcast, since I like foggy coastal scenes as well as sunlit ones, but rain is not good for sketching--umbrellas in Oregon are nerdy!

    Course I did do some writing today anyway.