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Friday, March 8, 2013

Encouragement for Writing

A little boy in his first year of piano lessons went with his mother to hear a world-famous pianist in concert. As the crowd waited for the concert to begin, the little boy grew restless and while his mother wasn't looking, slipped out of his seat and wandered toward the stage where the gleaming grand piano waited.

Before anyone knew what was happening, he climbed up on the bench and began to pick out the only song he remembered: Chopsticks. Snickers erupted from the audience and he glimpsed his mother's horrified face, when suddenly he felt someone behind him.

Fingers touched the keys and arms were around his back. A deep voice whispered in his ear,"Don't stop. Keep playing."

And to the delight of the crowd, the great musician added chords and trills to the little boy's efforts to produce a unique masterpiece never before heard until the crowd was on its feet in ovation.

So as you stare at that blank computer screen and question whether this is God's path for you, listen for his voice in your ear: "Don't stop. Keep playing." Work your fingers to the bone and expect that the Great Composer will fill in the rest.

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  1. Yes, lovely thought Amy and keen insight.
    It's like that 17th century monk who was stuck washing dishes, I think it was, who practiced the presence of God, fellowshipping with the Lord as he did his boring labor.

    The miracle is that not only does God work through us, especially when we ask Him to and exercise faith that He actually will, but that we get to contribute too (1 Cor. 1:21). We are not just "channels onlky" (as the old song put it) we are co-workers with Him.

    God wants us to share our lives with Him--that's really walking in the Spirit.