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Friday, March 23, 2012

Story Stakes

For your story, you also need to describe WHY this goal is so important to the protagonist. If it isn't important, he could just go home and eat dinner instead of knock his socks off to achieve.

Romeo and Juliet: If Romeo and Juliet fail, Juliet will be forced to marry against her will, and she and Romeo will probably never see each other again.


The Wizard of Oz: If Dorothy fails, she will be stuck forever in the strange landscape of Oz, never again seeing her family.


The Hunt for Red October: If Ramius fails, he and his officers will be executed for treason.


The Fellowship of the Ring: If Frodo fails, the entire Middle Earth will fall into chaos and horror under the dominion of Sauron.

In your story, why is the story goal so important to your protagonist? What horrible consequences will occur if your protagonist fails in his quest?

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