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Friday, November 11, 2011



A wrongfully-imprisoned young man gains freedom and a fortune that he uses to wreak an elaborate revenge.

This story takes place in the grand sweep of Napoleonic France. Nineteen-year-old sailor Edmond Dant├Ęs has just been promoted to ship's captain, and plans to marry his great love in a few days. Unfortunately dangerous jealousy stirs the hearts of three of his so-called friends who conspire to accuse him of treason. Edmond is thrown into a rocky prison in which he almost goes mad from isolation until he meets a fellow prisoner tunneling under his cell. This prisoner teaches Edmond all he knows, including the location of an unimaginable fortune that Edmond believes may be fantasy.

When the prisoner dies, Edmond sews himself into the man's shroud and escapes to find the treasure, then Edmond’s erstwhile companions who imprisoned him for years.
With his wealth and disguises, Edmond becomes dangerous as he righteously rewards or ruins one man after another, bringing long-hidden secrets to light. Edmond's plans are elaborate and unexpectedly fitting, but as his revenge leaves a trail of devastation, he begins to wonder if forgiveness is more powerful than anger.

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