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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Read Out Loud On Your Kindle

Many writers extol the benefits of hearing their words read out loud to detect awkward phrasing or other problems. The theory is that by getting a different perspective, you might be able to get a clearer view of what you actually have, and correct your writing to make it flow better.

In the past writers might have read aloud themselves, although this didn't give a perfect effect since they were also reading as they listened. If the writer was lucky he might have a friend kind enough to read, or even go through the tedious steps of recording their words, then playing them back. Computers now can use an audible program to read aloud, although this ties the writer to one location to listen.

A new way, if you have an Amazon Kindle, is to place your file on the Kindle and then use the text-to-speech feature to read aloud.

Your Kindle has an email address associated with it. (YOURADDRESS @ kindle.com). You can find this address by going to the home page|Menu|Settings|Device Email. Attach the document and send it to this address. If you're cheap like me and don't want to spend even the quarter to receive the article, send it to YOURADDRESS @ free.kindle.com. In about a minute or two amazon returns your converted file.

If you sent it the free way, you need to plug your kindle into your computer and move the file over to the DOCUMENTS folder on the kindle.

Once your ms is on your kindle open it up, push the AA button, and turn on the text-to-speech feature.

Easy peasy. Happy writing.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the good tip, it works well!

    You can also send your ms to your Kindle by using free software called Calibre ( http://calibre-ebook.com/download )

    Download Calibre to your computer, then add your ms to the Calibre library. Plug in your Kindle to your computer and use Calibre to convert your ms to Kindle format and then send it your Kindle.